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Jason B.


I am working as a statistician and analyst in the healthcare industry. I have also worked in the insurance industry in the same capacity. I have always been tutoring students on and off finding time from my full time employment. Teaching and tutoring has helped me enhance my knowledge.

I teach Statistics, Biology, Ecology, Probability and Econometrics. I started my career as a teacher when I taught Biology in high school and later Ecology in community college. I have a Ph.D in Ecology from the University of Kansas and Master's in Biology. I have completed some graduate coursework in Statistics along with my Master's degree. I have been involved in many projects on ecological topics where I have used a lot of statistical data analysis. Digressing from my initial focus on Ecology I took up the data management aspect of my education and got involved in Statistics based work.

I genuinely enjoy tutoring and try my best to help students become confident in the subjects and take active interest in it.