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Rhonda M.


My specialization is in the field of Statistics, Biostatistics to be more specific. I am associated with the medical industry in statistical research work. I have conducted many surveys and researches involving healthcare.

After completion of my Master's in Statistics, I got my Ph.D in Biostatistics. I take part in seminars and workshops regularly. I have guided many doctoral students to complete their thesis and also helped individuals with projects in data compilation and analysis. I have tutored students of Statistics from undergraduate to Ph.D level. I can also teach Probability theory. I have been using SPSS and SAS for my research work and am very familiar with the use of these tools. I can teach these programs to students or those who are working and need to use these for data analysis.

I am not looking for short-cuts when I am dealing with a topic. I try to make the student get comprehensive knowledge which can be used for further academic courses.