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David M.


Do not get intimidated by the various theories and concepts of Statistics. I can help you with your difficulties regarding Statistics and its related topics. Whether you are a high school student or doing your research work, I can guide you.

I have worked professionally as a statistician for some years. It has given me a practical understanding of the subject and I can pass on this knowledge to you. I have graduated with a Bachelors degree from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA degree from Colorado State University.

I have been tutoring high school and college students for almost twenty years. I also provide statistical consultation to firms in various fields. Hypothesis testing, Probability, Linear Regression, Bio-statistics, ANOVA and ANCOVA are a few of the topics that I offer guidance on. You can seek help from me for dealing with your Mathematics problems related to Algebra, Calculus and SAT Math. The software programs used in relation to statistics like Excel, SPSS and SASare also included in the covered topics of my lessons.

I try to adapt my teaching methods to the needs and capacity of every particular student.