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Describe Your Statistical Analysis, Accounting, Finance & Econ Projects Below


Nicholas P.


I have been involved with statistical research and well as teaching Statistics and Economics. I have worked with many companies as a statistical analyst in the field of pharmaceuticals and healthcare. I also have experience of working in the banking industry.

I have done both my Bachelor's and Master's in Economics and Statistics. I have taken classes on Econometrics. I have done some Ph.D coursework on Biostatistics. I have taught various courses in Economics and Statistics in colleges. I have written papers and manuals on topics related to Biostatistics and Econometrics. I am an alumnus of University of Colorado.

I am very familiar with all the computer software programs like SPSS, SAS, MATLAB, Excel, Megastats, JMP. I have been working with these and offering classes to students. I can also teach Probability.