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Tom L.


Statistics is my favorite subject because it has numerous applications in every field. I help students with problems in Statistics and Math. In order to gain complete mastery in Statistics, a strong foundation ofMath is required. Students should not get intimidated with Statistics and Math since they have concepts which require clear understanding. Constant practice and patience will bring great results.

After getting my Master.s degree in Applied Statistics, I began teaching as an assistant professor. I also took up tutoring and have continued doing so ever since. I assist PH.D students with their research papers. I have practical experience of working as a statistician in a pharmaceutical company and also complete freelance projects requiring statistical research and analysis.

Along with Statistics, I teach Probability, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry and other topics of Math up to high school level. I also teach the computer programs like SPSS, SAS and more.