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Julian K.


It is understandable that some students feel intimidated by Statistics. That is probably because there are mathematical concepts and calculations related to Statistics. My aim is to take that fear and frustration out of Statistics and help them discover the interesting aspect of the subject. I simplify the confusing details and encourage students to tell me their problems without hesitation.

I have been a teacher of Statistics and Psychology in college. I have also served as Adjunct Professor at a University. What I really excel at is carrying out research work related to statistical data and analysis. I have presented papers at many conferences and seminars in this regard. During my research work I have to use SPSS and SAS extensively which has made me totally confident in working with these programs.

I can help students with all topics of Statistics, Probability, Psychology and high school math. With my experience in statistical research and analysis I can provide excellent guidance for research students doing their doctoral program or any kind of statistical assignment.