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David N.


I have discovered the personal gratification involved with successful tutoring since I started guiding students about five years ago. I have had a rewarding career in the banking and finance industry. I have taken up tutoring after retiring from my full-time job.

I have a Ph.D and Master.s in Economics and Bachelor.s degree in Accounting with Statistics minor. I have extensively used current technology and programs during my work and can teach my students how to use these in connection with the theoretical knowledge of the topics.

I like to specially tutor high school and college students. That is because I want to help students form strong foundations of the subjects. I have come across people while working who do not have clear concepts and also students who find it difficult to cope up with advanced courses when their basics are not strong. I want to guide students to achieve complete confidence in the topics that they are going through.

I can teach Statistics, Economics, Math, Physics, Chemistry and computer programs.