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Describe Your Statistical Analysis, Accounting, Finance & Econ Projects Below


Brian T.


You do not have to look any further for a Statistics tutor because I can be your expert guide for this subject. I have been tutoring since the time I was a student myself. Currently I am working as a full-time Statistics teacher at the University of California. I offer private tuitions to students struggling with the various concepts of Statistics or those who want a stronger understanding of the subject. I have assisted many research students with their dissertations.

After completing my Bachelor.s and Master.s from San Diego State University I have been involved with many statistical projects for healthcare and finance related companies. I have huge experience of using the computer programs used for statistical analysis and data management. LISREL, SPSS, M+, HML . you can get complete training on these from me. It is very important for a statistician to use these programs for practical purposes.

Following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the topics that I teach . ANOVA, ANCOVA, Correlations, Variability, Probability, Multiple Regression, Multivariate statistics, Standard Deviation and more.