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Jacob T.


My forte is statistics, finance and mathematics. A Bachelors and Masters Degree, both in statistics have given me enough knowledge to deal with the subject at any level. Added to that, I have vast practical experience of working on actual statistical projects for clients from every field. I have presented papers at various seminars and attend conferences to keep myself updated with the latest in statistics.

I have extensively participated in projects dealing with Biostatistics. Calculation of investments, Risk Management, Probability, Data Analysis, Factor analysis, Multivariate analysis . these are just a few of the topics I can help you to master. I strongly believe and encourage the use of various software programs for efficient and advanced compilation and analysis of data. As a result I incorporate the knowledge of computer programs like, SAS, SPSS, Excel, Oracle and Microsoft Access into my lessons. I can teach you the effective use of tools like STATA and MATLAB to make computation of statistical data more easy and efficient. I want my students to really get in-depth knowledge of statistics.

I try to relate the theories with real-life situations so that you can understand how to use them practically.