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Christie B.


It is very natural for a student to have some confusion or queries regarding all the concepts and formulas of statistics. I can totally understand that and I am sure I can help you. I have been giving lessons in statistics for all students at every level. I have guided students who are just starting with statistics and also who are pursuing their Master degrees or doing research work. I have an experience of about 15 years of teaching this subject both privately and in colleges. I also have practical experience of working with data analysis and research for many projects.

I am a graduate from University of Wisconsin and did my Masters from New York University.

You can get assistance in understanding important concepts like Probability and Analysis of variance. I will guide you to understand the theories and formulas needed to calculate, interpret and draw conclusions based on the data. I integrate the use of computer software for statistics into my lessons, like, SPSS and Excel. The classes and lectures in your college may not always be enough to make you grasp the subject. I can give you the additional support and guidance so that you can get comprehensive knowledge about statistics.