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Describe Your Statistical Analysis, Accounting, Finance & Econ Projects Below


Allan B.


I am a Statistics graduate from California State University. I have completed my Bachelor's also with Statistics and Math. I have worked as a math teacher in high school and have been an assistant teacher in college. I have tutored many students of Math, Statistics, Probability, Econometrics and Bio-statistics.

I am working as a statistician on a part-time basis. As a part of my job I have to prepare statistical reports based on data compiling and interpretation. I use SPSS, SAS, Excel regularly for my work. During my academic courses I have prepared and presented many projects on various topics using data management and analysis methods. My practical experience helps me greatly to teach the topics to my students and frequently draw examples from it.

I teach students up to graduate level including high school students. I can teach the use of the computer software programs. I also help with homework assignments and projects.