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Jacob T.


I discovered my love for teaching at a very early stage in life and have been at it since then. I had started by helping my fellow students in high school with their lessons. In college I studied Economics with Statistics and Math. I have completed my Master's degree in Economics from California State University. I am currently working part-time with an investment firm and also preparing my Ph.D research paper on a topic related to Financial Economics. I have acquired a good understanding of Statistics and Math and have used the theories extensively for personal work.

I teach Economics, Math and Statistics to students up to graduate level. I have expertise over all the computer programs used for statistical analysis and interpretation. I also offer help with homework assignments.

Besides all topics of Economics I deal with the following topics of Statistics like, Regression and Correlation, ANOVA, Hypothesis testing, Distribution, Mean and Variance of Random Variables, Inference and many more. I also teach Probability.