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Edward P.


I am a tutor not by profession but by passion. I have had a long and successful career working with reputed companies mainly in the finance industry. I have been teaching Economics and Statistics from time to time at the Philadelphia University. I have guided graduate and Ph.D students on various topics of Statistics. I have helped them to understand the methods and processes of analyzing statistical data. I am also very conversant with the use of the computer software used for Statistical analysis like, SPSS, SAS, Excel etc. I also tutor Math to high school and elementary level students.

Currently I am associated with a survey research institute under Temple University. In order to hone my tutoring skills I keep myself updated with all topics and methods I may need to teach efficiently.
Some of the topics that I teach are . Probability, Correlation, Factorials, Regression, Econometrics, Prealgebra, Calculus SAT Math and many more.