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Jared H.


I have been teaching Statistics to both undergraduate and graduate students for many years. I have also conducted training workshops to teach statistical analysis methods to working professionals. I have also published several articles regarding quantitative research methods and interpretation techniques in journals. I have worked on projects for companies regarding marketing, sales, healthcare, advertising and public relations. I was also a visiting faculty for universities giving lectures on quantitative research and marketing. I also provide consultation on matters regarding statistical analysis of data in the fields of advertising and marketing.

My strong academic foundation has provided me the platform needed to support my professional work. I hold a PhD and Master's degree in Psychology, Bachelor's in Statistics. I have taken classes in Business Statistics and Econometrics. I teach all levels of Statistics from basics to advance including Multivariate Statistics, Data Mining etc, Probability and Psychology.

Students can get complete assistance from me regarding the use of computer programs like SPSS, SAS, Proc SQL etc.