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Jenny D


I am a dedicated tutor who has motivated many students to strive harder and achieve their goals. I have been teaching since twelve years and loving it. I teach Math, Statistics, Probability, Finance, Economics and Accounting. I am a certified Math teacher in the state of Oklahoma.

I have a Master's degree in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing. Earlier to that I completed my Bachelor's degree in Economics with Statistics and Math. I have completed projects related to marketing and sales where I had to use statistical data analysis and interpretation. I am at the moment working with non-governmental organizations to assist them with data management and Accounting.

I am especially eager to teach Math including Statistics and Probability to students of all levels. I can also coach students to prepare for the various entrance and aptitude tests. My students have done very well in these exams. This success has been due to my unique method of teaching complicated subjects like Math in a simplified manner.