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Describe Your Statistical Analysis, Accounting, Finance & Econ Projects Below


Janet T.


I am an Actuarial Science graduate and have recorded pretty good scores. I was an alumnus of University of California. I have completed my Bachelor's degree with Statistics and Math. I gained some tutoring experience while helping my fellow students and a few friends.

I have taken the qualifying exams required for an actuary. I have successfully passed the first three preliminary SOA exams. I have also worked as a statistician with a private healthcare company. I have also completed several extra classes on Accounting and Finance. I have prepared statistical projects and reports. I have a good hold on Probability as well.

I can teach Statistics, Probability, Math and Econometrics. As Actuarial Science requires the knowledge of many other disciplines, I can also teach Finance, Economics and Accounting up to the undergraduate level. I can also teach the computer programs like, SPSS, SAS, Excel, STATA etc.