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Andy T.


I started tutoring when I was in high school when I used to tutor younger students. I continued tutoring while studying in college and University. I have taught Statistics to undergraduates. I have also tutored graduate students. I generally teach Math, Statistics, Bio-statistics, Probability, Finance and Economics.

I have a strong academic background in Math and Statistics. I completed my Master's degree in Financial Statistics from University of Minnesota. I have two BS degrees to my credit - one in Statistics and the other in Economics. I can teach all levels of these subjects. I have also helped students to prepare for various tests like, ACT, SAT, GRE etc. I can teach the computer programs like, MATLAB, SAS, SPSS, Visual Basic, Excel and many more.

I offer comprehensive guidance to students who take my tutoring sessions. I am a very patient and understanding tutor and try to help the student with his or her lessons in every way possible.