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Jeff N.


My area of expertise lies in dealing with the special computer programs used for Statistics. I have been employed by an institution under New York University as a tutor and programmer for computer-based statistical courses. I have provided assistance to students for completing assignment projects involving statistical computer tools. I start with the computer programs right from the basics and move on to advanced levels. A student of any field and aptitude can understand the usage of these programs for data analysis and interpretation. These programs include Excel, SPSS, SAS, S, R and such tools. Strong knowledge of these tools is very essential to be a successful statistician in any field. Besides the guidance with computer programs, I can also tutor the theories of Statistics and Economics. I have a Bachelors degree in Economics and Statistics from Montclair State University, New Jersey. I simplify complicated topics like Probability and Variance for students to understand them easily. I encourage students to get over their shortcomings and interact with me freely about their problems regarding the subjects.