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Michael P.


I am an entrepreneur and business consultant. I have extensive business knowledge regarding various aspects of running a company. When I teach I expose my students to my real-life experiences which enhances their understanding of the subjects. I teach Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Probability, Economics, Logic and Math.

My professional career has been built on my academic qualifications. I have completed two Bachelor's programs - one with Economics and the other with Math. I have studied Mathematical Finance for my Master's. I have also earned a Master's degree in Business Administration from University of Southern California. I have taught Business Statistics and Math to undergraduate students. I teach management students who are doing their MBA. I have taught introductory Statistics through advanced levels and have also guided research students.

I am very familiar with all the computer programs needed in the business field like, QuickBooks, MATLAB, SPSS, SAS, Excel, PowerPoint, Visual Basic, Mathematica, Perl, Pascal and many more.