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Allan M.


I am currently associated with the investment banking industry and also tutor students in Economics, Statistics, Mathematics and Finance related topics. I have also spent some time working as an actuary. I always emphasize on assimilating the learned knowledge with actual application of that in practical situations. This helps better understanding of the topic and makes the learning more interesting. A Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Masters in Finance and Business along with my work experience has given me the expertise to deal with the problems that students face while pursuing the study of Statistics or Finance. It is very natural to get confused with all the aspects of Probability. I can help you to overcome your difficulties with this topic and many more like Variance, Mean, Correlation and Causation. I also help students with Mathematics both in the high school and college level. It does not matter how big or small your problem is, you need to clear it out to get fully confident with the topic. This will help to improve your grades now and help in your career later in life.