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Steven A.


You don't need to look any further for a Statistics tutor. I can help you with all your problems in Statistics.

My educational qualification and work experience has given me the confidence to claim this for myself. I have earned a Master's and Bachelor's degree both in Statistics from University of California, Long Beach. I am currently working in the auto industry as a statistical analyst. I understand the issues students may be facing with their lessons and I try to help accordingly. I supplement the lessons that the student is studying in his or her college classes. I have also taught through online tutoring web sites. Regarding computer know-how, I am a certified SAS enterprise miner. I use the statistical computer tools on an extensive basis for my work.

I teach both the theoretical and practical knowledge of Statistics and Math. I draw examples from my personal real-life experiences. Along with these subjects I also teach Probability, Econometrics and Math up to graduate level.