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Jeremy F.


I teach Statistics, Probability, Biostatistics and Math. I have just retired from my long professional career as a statistician. I was working in a pharmaceuticals company for almost twenty-five years. I have always loved tutoring but never got the time for it. Now I can fully concentrate on tutoring students who need help with Statistics or Math.

For my educational qualification I have a Master's degree in Bio-statistics and Bachelor's in Math with Statistics. I have been a part of statistical projects during my academic courses as well as for my company. I was working as a Bio-statistician. I have a lot of actual experience of working with data- analysis, interpretation, inference, report generation and such jobs. My work has been highly appreciated in my company. I am working as a part-time Statistics teacher in a college now. I have also published research papers and articles on related topics in various publications.

I am confident that I can guide any student of Statistics or Math of any level.