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Michael C.


I can confidently claim that I can help you with your queries and problems with statistics. I have both the educational knowledge and the industry experience to guide you through the confusing maze of data, charts and formulas.

I have an undergraduate degree in Business and Finance from University of Pennsylvania and a Masters degree from Harvard. I am involved in the management of a financial firm and also take up consulting jobs for various businesses in different industries. From time to time I conduct classes and teach at NYU .

I offer help with statistics at every level be it high school, college or research oriented. You can get my assistance for statistics in any field like,

  • Statistics for Finance and Business
  • Statistics for Social Sciences
  • Statistics in Medicine and Health care
Hypothesis testing, Risk management, Non-parametric, Nonlinear and Decision and Scenario analysis , Statistical Analysis and Forecasting, Probability . you need not worry about any such topic once you take my help. I also specialize in dealing with statistics related software like, SAS, SPSS and advanced Excel solutions.

I believe in making the knowledge acquiring process interesting and invigorating.