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Why another site for Freelancers?

If you have a small or large statistical Analysis, an accounting, finance or econ related project, you will see most of the xLance sites on the web cannot help you or you can say they really suck when you need a complex, abstract project done in those domains. This is because those sites have no expertise or tools to support you about the pricing, deadlines or management of the project. Most of the time both freelancers and the clients are unhappy, and they leave those platforms after a few projects.

By the way, they are very good if you want a website done or something that is tangible and visual, and do not need abstract thinking.

How are we different?

  • We have experts in complex subject matters
  • We know when the price is too low or too high
  • We know when deadlines are too tight or too long - and the goldilock deadlines (ask us about the story if you do not know it)
  • Unlike those other xLance sites we take total responsibility of getting the project done correct and on time
  • You still get access to talents from all over the world, and we speak English and their native tongue tapping the high IQ of the collective intelligence of those experts
  • We have 10 years of experience doing this
  • In a rare situation, if we mess up, we refund. You do not need to dance 'naked' in front of some 'arbitrator' (who is a friend of the xLance sites and have no clue about the subject)
  • We do not disclose your identity to anyone without a court order - yes, we are that serious about your privacy
  • Experts also enjoy unparalleled privacy on our platform, and that way we attract some of the best brains who will never work at the xLance sites
  • There are over 1000 happy clients using our platform, and you can be one of them
  • We have a BBB logo shining

TutorTeddy.com & Boston Predictive Analytics

[ Email your Statistics or Math problems to project@aafter.com (camera phone photos are OK) ]

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One Broadway, 14th Floor,
Cambridge, MA 02142,
Phone: 617-395-8864

Dallas Office (Near Galleria):
15950 Dallas Parkway,
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Dallas, TX 75248,
Phone: 866-930-6363

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